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One of my favorite parts about visiting the Philippines is feasting on lechon from Cebu — the region that my mom, Vikki, grew up in. Cebu is argued to have the best roasted pig in the country, though many Filipinos will debate that claim. My mom is joining me on this episode of Halo Halo, and we’re driving to Wilmington, Delaware to visit Philippine Smoked BBQ & Grill — a restaurant serving barbecue in both the American and Filipino styles.

I don’t know Delaware to have a large Filipino community, but it’s lucky to have Lalaine Balan and her husband Romeo who are introducing the locals to Filipino classics like adobo, pancit, and that perfect, Cebu-style lechon I grew up eating. My mom and I break into some lechon as Lalaine shares her journey to opening Philippine Smoked. I’m so proud of her determination to share the food from the Philippines, and grateful to have this moment with my mom.

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